Lord Cash Pockets Records

The brand new video for Pete Spratt's Tavern, the first single from Legend, the new solo album by Big Mess frontman Chad Carrier

Lord Cash Pockets Records is an independent label serving up great rock and roll spanning several genres. The label was formed over a decade ago by Chad Carrier, a notable and sought after  musician in the L.A. music scene.  Chad's career spans over 30 years and he has played in several popular rock bands. most notably Easter, a band featured on MTV during the channel's heyday and who spawned radio hits on the world famous KROQ. His current band Big Mess and released several albums to date and has just released their brand new album I Am American.

Besides his own releases, Lord Cash Pockets Records releases other top notch recording artists. You'll find the best punk rock, roots rock, R&B, and straight ahead rock and roll on it's roster. We welcome you to explore our website and check out an awesome selection of videos and sound samples. Our releases are available worldwide on CD and MP3. See our Store for more details.