One of the most unique Celtic musical groups ever, The Shillaly Brothers combine raspy, blue-collar sing-along vocals with a rather exotic instrumental line-up. Combining the old Irish pub classics with passionate original songwriting that blurs the line between old and new, here's a band that bring out laughter and tears to anyone with half a heart. 

The Shillaly Brothers started as a two-piece band on the fly, just a guitar and a penny whistle. Americans of Irish descent playing music inspired from our ancestors. These days we're a four-man-band, with accordion, mandolin, Irish bouzouki, guitar, penny whistle, and of course the only band we know of in our genre with a lead Ukulele player! A nice combination of American roots and Irish folk, played with a lot of gusto! John growls most of the Shillaly Toons, and plays Irish Bouzouki and Penny Whistle. Chad lends his pipes on a few 'Ol Irish Anthems and plays rhythm guitar and Bass Ukulele. Fred plays just about anything you give him (Accordion, Mandolin, Guitar.. what else) and Rex is the Mad Genius of the Ukulele and sings some beautiful Irish tenor.

The band's song Pop is featured in the film White Irish Drinkers played in theaters nationwide. The soundtrack featuring Pop was nominated for the Academy Award for best song. Their CD is available on CDBaby and Itunes. The soundtrack to White Irish Drinkers is also available on Itunes.
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